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2017 Retreat Dates & Partnership with Irwin Guides!

We have really exciting news; first and foremost we are thrilled to be announcing our 2017 Retreat Dates! Second, and of equal enthusiasm, we have officially partnered with Irwin Guides to lead our skiing, hiking, biking and stand up paddleboard adventures! Please keep checking the website as more content is added daily. If you have any… Continue reading 2017 Retreat Dates & Partnership with Irwin Guides!


Mountain Adventure Sports Are For Everyone!

When I first moved to Crested Butte I quickly became aware of the strange phenomenon exclusively present in mountain towns know as F.O.N.B.E.E (Fear Of Not Being Extreme Enough).  The initial acknowledgment that the majority of my peers were practically, if not actually, professional mountain sports athletes was intimidating to say the least.  After turning… Continue reading Mountain Adventure Sports Are For Everyone!

Nordic Skiing and Yoga Retreat

A few words about Crested Butte

Yesterday I drove into the Gunnison Valley from the Front Range (aka Denver Metro Area).  Exhausted from my two week off-season adventure I felt as if my car was on auto pilot taking me along the oh so familiar path home.  As I accelerated out of Almont, the half-way mark between Gunnison and Crested Butte,… Continue reading A few words about Crested Butte

Nordic Skiing and Yoga Retreat

Hooray! The Retreat is filling up!

We are very excited to announce our first retreat and thrilled that we already have 5 people signed up for it! Please check out the links below for more info, and would love if you would consider joining us, or sharing this with your friends! Nordic skiing is one of Crested Butte's best kept secrets, as well as my favorite winter past-time, so I am eager to share this great love of mine with you!

Nordic Skiing and Yoga Retreat

Finding Enlightenment at Higher Altitudes

Crested Butte Yoga Retreats started as a dream of Monica Mesa, owner of Yoga for the Peaceful and long-time Crested Butte local. Monica travels around the world hosting teacher trainings and yoga retreats. She always hoped she could bring that experience back to Crested Butte. Her retreats provide a unique opportunity to reestablish one’s personal fire for life. We welcome YOU, our guests to enjoy yoga, meditation, and mountain adventures while immersing yourself in the poetic and somewhat quirky charms of Crested Butte, Colorado.

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Dear Kula- Letter from Monica Mesa

As much as I love teaching retreats in other exotic locations it has been a dream of mine to teach retreats in the majesty of my own backyard! We will combine the amazing outdoor opportunities of the Gunnison Valley such as skiing, Nordic skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, biking, rafting, (and more!) with world class yoga, meditation, thoughtful healthy meals, the best places to stay in our town, learning about preserving our resources, and getting to make friendships of a lifetime.

Nordic Skiing and Yoga Retreat

Nordic Skiing and Yoga Retreat Schedule

Seriously, where did October go? November is just a week away and that means two things: 1. It's time to share the AWESOME retreat agenda we have prepared for you! Please keep in mind, we will be adding a few other special events/items. We will keep you posted via social media and email so follow us and join our newsletter! 2. Early Bird Pricing ends November 15th! Registration is easy and you can reserve your spot today! There are payment plan options available! Click here to learn how to register!