Retreat Partners

Spa Services & Healing Modalities

Aren’t retreats meant for relaxation?  Treat yourself to a spa treatment or a unique healing modality and feel balanced and rejuvenated!  With so many types of healers conveniently located in and around Crested Butte you can simply take your pick and treat yourself!  We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such talented individuals and we are grateful to be able to offer them to you during your retreat.



A Crystal Healing session with Certified Crystal Healer Lisa D’Arrigo is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals and stones on the body in relaxation. The goal of a session may include re-alignment of your energetic frequencies and/or removal of any emotional & energetic blocks while allowing for deep soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. An hour long session will include crystals, aromatherapy and sound therapy to balance and align your chakra centers.






Light Running with Andi Tippie is a type of vibrational healing work that can help you break through old patterns that no longer serve you. Using energy and working with the chakras as well as incorporating some helpful tools and suggestions, you will walk away with some concrete ways that may help you navigate life more gracefully and gratefully. Sessions are 60 minutes.






Non-Profit Organizations

Crested Butte is full of people who are passionate about preserving this beautiful valley that we live in. Below are a bunch of our good friends and neighbors who strive to keep Crested Butte a sacred, harmonious place for us all to live, work and play.


Crested Butte Nordic, founded in 1987, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide individuals of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and improve in the sports of nordic skiing and snowshoeing. We maintain over 50 kilometers of meticulously groomed trails around the Town of Crested Butte and offer complete ski and snowshoe rental packages as well as private lessons, clinics, tours, and fine yurt dining. Our Nordic Center and trail-heads are within walking distance from all of Crested Butte’s restaurants and lodgings.


Sustainable Crested Butte originated as a group of people trying to pass an ordinance to regulate single-use bags in town. However, single-use bags were just the first issue we plan to tackle. We have since grown into an organization with an aim of encouraging people to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Education is a critical component of our organization because we believe that when people are educated about environmental issues, they are more conscious of the impacts of the choices they make daily.