Hiking, Kirtan and Yoga Retreat with Mike Cohen


August 10-13th, 2017. Join Mike CohenMonica Mesa Dasi, and Yoga for the Peaceful, for 4 days of Hiking, Yoga, Kirtan and Meditation. We welcome all levels of adventurers and yogis to enjoy the serene beauty of the Rocky Mountains through summer mountain excursions and yogic practice.

Whats Included? 4 days and 3 nights in the beautiful mountain town of Crested Butte. Retreat includes daily meals and snacks, including a professionally catered dinner, Yoga & meditation sessions at Yoga for the Peaceful, Candlelight Yoga + Kirtan class, Deities Workshop, Kirtan 101 Workshop and Enneagram Workshop for Yogis with Mike Cohen. 3 days guided hiking adventures, 60min personalized massage service and more!

 Retreat Itinerary

Thursday, August 10th2:00-3:00pm Guest arrival, welcome tea and check-in at Yoga for the Peaceful! 3:30-5:00pm Mini practice & Group Circle with Monica Mesa Dasi. 6:00pm Group Dinner at Ginger Cafe.

Friday, August 11th7:00-8:30am Yoga & Meditation at Yoga for the Peaceful! 10:30am meet at designated Trailhead. 10:30-2:00pm Hiking Excursion – Sack Lunch at Special Lunch Destination. 2:30-5:15pm Free time. 5:30-6:45pm Candlelight Yoga + Kirtan. 6:45- 7:15 Kirtan with Mike Cohen. 7:45pm Dinner at the Sunflower.

Saturday, August 12th7:00-8:30 Yoga. 10:00am-1:00pm Hiking Adventure – with lunch and tea provided.12:00-3:00pm OPTIONAL Deities + Yoga Workshop with Mike Cohen. 3:15-4:00pm Free time. 4:00-6:30pm Kirtan 101 Workshop with Mike Cohen. 7:15 Catered Dinner from Crested Butte Personal Chefs at Yoga for the Peaceful!

Sunday, August 13th7:00-8:30am Yoga & Morning Meditation. 9:00am Breakfast at Paradise Cafe. 10:30-12:30pm Hike to Long Lake for Lunch! 2-4:30pm Optional Enneagram workshop for Yogis! 4:30 Closing Circle.

Cost of Retreat Including Accommodations: $1,675.00

Cost of Retreat- Activity Package Only (No Accommodations): $1,050.00


Contact Y4Pyogaretreats@gmail.com for more information

Candlelight Yoga + Kirtan will be an intimate yoga experience within a beautifully candlelit space! Monica expertly guides you through your asana practice while Mike Cohen seamlessly weaves a musical soundtrack that draws you into Bhakti (devotion) and energetically supports your asana practice. You will leave feeling connected, open-hearted and filled with gratitude! No prior yoga experience needed!



Deities + Yoga Workshop Explore the Gods and Goddess of Yoga through asana, chant, myth and inquiry. In this fun and inspirational program you will deepen your personal practice and unfold your relationship with the Gods and Goddesses of Yoga in a way that is relevant and applicable to your life. This course is useful for yoga practitioners who want to build a profound understanding of asana, chanting and mythology, and long to discover the relevance of these profound teachings within their own life. No prior yoga experience needed!

Kirtan 101 Workshop – Everything you always wanted to know about Kirtan. Through fascinating stories and deep personal experiences, Mike Cohen (Kirtan Leader Institute founder) will guide you into deeper understanding of the essential elements of Kirtan. You will learn about:

* Deities, and what they represent
* Mantras, and what they mean
* Sanskrit – the ancient language of the yogis
* Saints – portals to Divinity
* The history of Bhakti Yoga
* Energetic qualities of deities and chants
* The profound wisdom of Dattatreya
Of course, there will LOTS of chanting throughout!This fun introductory program offers a safe space for beginners to flesh out their understanding around Kirtan AND take a gentle step into leading others in the practice of sacred chant.  A limited number of program participants can choose to be guided in leading the group in a simple, yet powerful, chanting experience. You will be supported by Mike as you play the harmonium and chant to lead the group into a heart opening experience. No prior yoga experience needed!
All participants receive an e-copy of a well-organized and useful 30-page booklet titled A Bhakti Yoga Perspective on Kirtan!

 The Enneagram is a fascinating personality type system with deep psychological and spiritual roots. The deeply-held patterns of our personality fixate our thoughts, emotions and actions, and keep us from organizing ourselves around strengths. The teachings of the Enneagram will EMPOWER your personal path of development and enhance EMPATHY and COMPASSION in your relationships. With this knowledge, you will be more able to understand yourself and begin to relate skillfully with all types of people across your relationships, from work to community to intimacy.

In this very FUN and INSIGHTFUL three hour workshop, you will discover the unique dimensions of your Enneagram (personality) type. This will allow you to identify and recognize your patterns of behavior, and offer compassion for how these patterns emerged historically. You will leave knowing your type, having the tools to identify the personality types of others, and with a path for your own personal EMPOWERMENT.